Princess Cruise Line FAQ's

Question: How can I get information on current Passport requirements?
Answer: Click here for the latest Passport information regarding travel in and out of the United States.

Question: How can I get information on Princess' fares and availability?
Answer: For fare and availability information not listed under the "Specials" link in our website, please call 1-800-594-2279

Question: Is there a fee to change my cruise?
Answer: Princess Cruises will charge a $50 service fee per passenger, per change for each change to the cruise, cruisetour or Cruise Plus Hotel Packages beginning 45 days prior to sailing. However, no change will be made unless permitted under our cancellation policy. The service fee will not be assessed when upgrading stateroom accommodations. Air tickets may not be changed within 30 days of your departure. Additional charges may be assessed for changes to air tickets or air reservations.

Question: Do you have any tips for traveling?
Answer: For the latest information regarding what to bring, what to leave at home, and what to generally expect while traveling, please visit the Transportation Security Administration website.

Question: What kind of weather should I expect during my cruise?
Answer: Click here for a list of high and low temperatures in Princess' destinations to help you plan your vacation.

Question: How many formal/smart casual nights are scheduled for my cruise?
Answer: There are only two types of evening dress onboard - smart casual and formal. When the ship is in port, evening dress is smart casual, and passenger attire should be in keeping with what would be worn to a nice restaurant at home. For formal evenings, men wear tuxedos, dark suits or dinner jackets, and women wear evening gowns, cocktail dresses or elegant pant suits.

3-6 Days 1 1-5
7-13 Days 2 5-11
14-20 Days 3 11-17
21-28 Days 4 17-24
29 Days+ 5 minimum 24+

Dress code is subject to change with the ship's itinerary. The above is a general guide. The dress code suggested in the Princess Patter may vary from time to time.

Question: Where can I rent a tuxedo for my cruise?
Answer: Cruiseline Formal wear delivers a beautifully tailored tuxedo directly to your stateroom. You may contact this company on the web at or by calling their toll-free number, 1-800-551-5091.

Question: When will my cruise documents/Adventures Ashore brochure and tour reservation forms be sent?
Answer: The following schedule gives the standard guidelines for mailing documents.

At approximately 75 days prior to your cruise, the pre cruise information packet is processed for distribution. Upon final payment and completion of your Passenger Information Form, additional cruise documentation may be sent by Princess at approximately 45 days prior to your cruise. Processing and mailing can take up to two weeks.

US locations

21 or more days prior to departure - United States Postal Service
16 - 20 days prior to departure - Fed Ex 2 day ground
15 day or fewer from to departure - No pre-cruise documents will be delivered within this timeframe  

Canadian locations

6 or more days prior to departure - To our agent via Fed Ex for distribution in Canada
5 - 1 prior to departure - Fed Ex international service

Outside US & Canada

Regardless of days prior to departure- Fed Ex International

Question: What pier does the ship dock at and where is it located?
Answer: Passengers who are driving should arrive at the pier two or three hours prior to sailing. For your own convenience, please do not arrive earlier as boarding will not have commenced. For sailings from Port Everglades, Vancouver, San Francisco, and Los Angeles harbor, you may obtain information and parking rates by calling these numbers:

Vancouver 800-665-0050
San Francisco - Pier 35 415-398-0208
Los Angeles Harbor Pier 93 310-547-4357
Port Everglades 954-525-8520

Question: I have taken a Princess Cruise recently and have some feedback, where do I submit this information?
Answer: To submit your feedback regarding a Princess Cruise you have taken, please send your correspondence to:

Princess Cruises
Passenger Relations Department
24305 Town Center Drive
Santa Clarita, CA 91355

*All correspondence is handled in the order in which it is received. Therefore, we kindly ask that you allow approximately 4 to 6 weeks (subject to change) for a response.

Question: My luggage is missing or damaged, or I left a piece of luggage onboard, whom do I contact about this?
Answer: If your luggage is missing or damaged, or to inquire about an item that you left onboard, please contact our Lost and Found Department at 1-800-PRINCESS to request a Lost and Found Form.

Question: I'd like to access my shipboard folio, how do I do this?
Answer: For questions regarding your shipboard folio, or to request a copy of your shipboard folio, contact 1-800-PRINCESS to request a copy or write to the Passenger Relations Department at the address provided above.

Question: Where can I get more information about a purchase I made from the salons onboard?
Answer: If your inquiry pertains to purchases from the salons onboard, please contact Steiners Transocean at 1-800-772-7911.

Question: Where can I inquire about merchandise purchased at a Port recommended store in the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Mexico or Alaska?

Onboard Media
1691 Michigan Ave. Ste. 600
Miami, Florida 33139
(800) 673-0400

Question: Where can I inquire about merchandise purchased at a Port recommended store in Europe?
Answer: Contact 1-800-PRINCESS, Customer Relations department, to be directed to the correct person for your Port of Call.

Question: What is the alcohol policy onboard Princess Cruises?
Answer: We kindly request that you do not bring alcoholic beverages (other than wine and/or champagne) onboard for consumption. Alcoholic beverages that are purchased duty free from the ship's gift shop or at ports of call will be collected for safekeeping and delivered to your stateroom on the last day of the voyage. A member of our Security Staff will be at the gangway to assist with the storage of your alcoholic beverage purchases.

Question: What are the age restrictions for alcohol consumption and access to the casino and disco?
Answer: The legal drinking age of 21 years is always observed onboard and proof of age may be required. All onboard staff are trained to take seriously their responsibility to not serve alcohol to underage passengers. The age restrictions are clearly posted in the bars. Entry into the disco is limited to passengers 18 years and older. Be sure to check with the child and teen centers, however, for special disco events designed just for kids. Children under the age of 18 are welcome in the gymnasium, spa and jacuzzi; and also in the evening entertainment show lounges when accompanied by a parent or guardian.

In line with domestic age limits, as well as Princess' company policy, the casino is reserved for passengers 21 years and older. Additionally, only those passengers 21 years and older will be allowed to purchase or consume alcohol. For those whose age is questionable, picture identification may be requested.

Question: What are the tipping guidelines for my cruise?
Answer: During your cruise, you will meet staff throughout the ship who provide you with excellent service. Many more crew support those who serve you directly. To save you the worry of who to tip and how much, Princess makes it easier for you to reward excellent service by automatically adding a discretionary Hotel and Dining charge of $11 USD for suites and mini-suites and $10.50 USD for all other staterooms per person per day (including children) to your shipboard account on a daily basis. This charge will be shared amongst those staff who help provide and support your cruise experience, including the wait staff, stateroom stewards, buffet stewards, galley staff, laundry staff and others. Casino dealers and Lotus Spa personnel do not share in the Hotel and Dining charge as not all passengers utilize these services.

Casino dealers and Lotus Spa personnel do not share in the Hotel and Dining charge as not all passengers utilize these services.

A 15% charge is automatically added to your bar charges and dining room wine account. This is shared amongst the beverage staff and their support staff, including cleaners and utility staff.

Reaching You at Sea

To provide greater peace of mind while you're away from home, give friends and relatives the following information so they may call you at sea. By dialing 1-900-329-SHIP (1-900-329-7447) from the United States or 1-900-565-2800 from Canada charges will be billed to the calling phone numberís account.* Calls can also be charged to a credit card in both the United States and Canada by dialing 1-877-656-7447. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card (not Canadian) are accepted. The cost for each call is $8.95 USD per minute or $11.95 CAD per minute. The 900 service can be used to call or fax the ship.

* Please include passenger name and cabin number to ensure quick delivery.

For calls originating outside of the United States and Canada, the following numbers should be used, preceded by your country's International Direct Dialing (IDD) code and the new global ocean code 870. Please contact your long distance service provider for pricing. For example, if you would like to call the Tahitian Princess in the Pacific Ocean from the United Kingdom, dial 00 870 331 050 510.

Caribbean Princess 331 042 310 331 042 314
Coral Princess 331 037 610 331 037 614
Crown Princess 331 050 010 331 050 012
Dawn Princess 323 221 020 323 221 025
Diamond Princess 331 040 410 331 040 414
Emerald Princess 761 118 498 761 118 494
Golden Princess 331 034 411 331 034 430
Grand Princess 331 032 720 331 032 711
Island Princess 331 038 410 331 038 414
Pacific Princess 331 050 410 331 043 913
Royal Princess 331 053 010 331 053 012
Ruby Princess 764 877 443 764 877 449
Sapphire Princess 331 040 510 331 040 514
Sea Princess 331 046 510 331 046 512
Star Princess 331 036 110 331 036 118
Sun Princess 331 043 810 331 043 813
Tahitian Princess 331 050 510 331 050 512

* 900 telephone service is not available from all areas, and may not be accessible from your home phone.